Datca over the sea, history and nature within walking distance. Sandy beach, stony beach and Medicinal Hospital Six Beach and Lake places you can go without the need for any tools. Kargi Bay, four kilometers from the center of Datca swim on the beach, you can watch the moon. Palamutbuku, Hayıtbükü, Aktur and Ovabükü clear sea and tranquility, swimming, listening to your head, for you to relax one. Old Datca and Resadiye of must-see places. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Datca, Aegean meets the Mediterranean and a corner of paradise. Datca, unique natural beauty, clear sea, untouched coves and dazzling. Geography scholar Strabo, "God wants to have a long-lasting favorite servant, Datca sends' which he described as half of the Datca peninsula, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, looking at the half. Aegean, which is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula, the natural beauty of the additional in the immediate vicinity of the ancient city of Knidos, a town history buffs they can not see. Datca Knidos is located 28 kilometers away from the ancient city ruins at Cape mullet small theater 10 thousand people, 20 thousand people and great theater, the Odeon, the Apollo and Venus the Temple offers a variety of. Datca sports facilities and a full heaven. all water sports. Datca Turkey for scuba diving is one of the best residential areas. Centre you will find many shops selling diving courses and diving equipment. Datca that you can walk are very space. stroll among fragrant pine trees, villages, bays, you can discover plenty of breath gasping for oxygen.
Kargı Bay ; This bay is only 3 km’s away from the town center. You can reach Kargı by bus or by your own car. Even though it is near to town center, Kargı is never too crowded. Kargı Bay is very good for swimming.

Knidos ; During the 4th century B.C., Knidos had moved to Tekir Cape for trade reasons. The city was planned by Hippodamus plan in which they built sanctuaries, holy grounds, theatres and glorious buildings. Lots of scientists and artists had been raised in Knidos. The second biggest and the most important medical school of the history had been built in Knidos. The most famous statue by Praxiteles, the Aphrodite of Knidos, the Goddess of beauty and love, was made here. Since then, many travelers come from far lands to Knidos, just to see the statue of Aphrodite.
Mesudiye ; When you turn left from Knidos way; you will go 3 kms more among the pines and then if you go 2 kms more, you will reach Kızıl Bük bay directly. Favorite bays like Hayıt Bükü and Ova Bükü located in Mesudiye coast. Mesudiye's soil is perfect for farming and the local people raise fragrant tomatoes there.

Old Datca; If you happen to pass through Datça, you should definitely see the Old Datça. Don’t let the word Old mislead you. Amongst Datça’s three districts, the most organized and favorite places of late years are here. It is one of the first settlement places and there are lots of antic ruins in this are. Now these ruins are being rebuilt and sold for high prices by their owners. Datça houses are made of two floors. They are built by best stone crafters and flowered by city management. Walking down the narrow streets, you can enjoy the old architecture of the houses which has remained intact. Walking around there will give you the idea that you are going back in time by centuries! Our famous writer, Can Yücel stayed in Old Datca during his last years. Tourism firms run special tours, to his house called “Can House”. You should definitely see this place in where his latest poems and writings are preserved. During archeological excavations, they found ceramic workshops which belong to 4th century B.C. If you go 2 km’s directly from harbor neighborhood, you will reach Old Datca. Datca's name is coming from 'stadia'. Datca's architectural structure is same as local structure. All buildings and all roads are made of stones. Old Datca's citizens, try to protect and develop Old Datca's natural beauty.

Windmills ; In Kızlan region, when you pass through Marmaris to Datca you’ll see a little bit ruined little windmills. One of the Datca lovers bought on of these windmills and restored it. We hope that the others windmills will be restored as well in the future. To protect Datça’s natural beauty and make it more beautiful, an environment plan is running. Artificial lakes and ponds have been built due to these plans in the last years.  

Resadiye ; Peninsula's oldest center and most crowded village. Mehmet Ali Aga Pension’s restoration has just been completed. Don't miss the opportunity to see the exhibition of mini sculptures of local sculptors.


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