Three-km road around to the left path through the pine forests of Knidos Mesudiye later than two miles from the village and from there further you leaving Red Bend bay. Chaste and Ova Buku Buku summer as a favorite Mesudiye coast bays. Mesudiye elverişli.Mis fragrant tomatoes grow very fertile soil for agriculture. Arsındaki this paradise beach rocks have three names. Kalebas, or Hayıtbükü Obabükü. Mesudiye surrounded by almond and olive trees in the village, in the middle of nature. For this reason, utterly quiet and calm. Hayıtbükü an ideal base for trips to the discovery address. Adatepe here, they say. Stone mountain to climb those interested in walking often come to watch the scene at this point. When you look down from an altitude of a little beach surrounded by rocks thrown iron boats calm blue sea, in small houses in the garden looks. Rising from the village of almond and olive trees, do not have the slightest noise. Model so beautiful bay, the village of Mugla Datca beach in the district's Mesudiye. Blue Cruise by those who resort known as Ovabükü Kalebas another name. Fine sandy beach, shallow blue sea of the reasons to prefer ovabükü'nün. Safe for children to swim, especially in shallow bays and swim from every point possible. Nearby for easy access to the long sandy beach of the bay of the plain. Hayıtbükü enjoy seeing sightseeing trip alternatives, such as near the ancient cities are Palamutbuku and Knidos.


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