There are a few different ways to access Datca. Air, sea, land and come to Datca. For those who want to come to the airport to Bodrum to Datca ferry service has access to within 2 hours, but the exact departure times vary according to the season and months before the investigation would be useful. To do this, take a look at www.datcaferryboat.com site. 65 km from Datca Marmaris. and have about a half-hour drive. Datca is 330 km from Izmir. and have access to 4 hours to Izmir. Datca to Istanbul with the bus takes about 14 hours. Datca-Ankara ararsı bus ride is 12 hours. Datca - ferry from Bodrum to start at the beginning of April, and ends in late October. Reciprocal of the busiest ferry service is available 3 times a day during the summer season.

 Bodrum Bodrum and Datca Datca 09:30 hours in the day, made ​​two trips to 13:00 and 17:00. You can direct flights to Dalaman airport in Istanbul and Ankara. Dalaman airport is 155 km from Datca. away, and the airport shuttle service to Marmaris, and later through the complete minibuses departing on the hour. 4 km from the center of your car before you come after Datça Mesudiye you can return to the right plate. If you do not have your vehicle from the small bus to the city center can be found here. Saptıktan to the right of the road about 25 km from Mesudiye plate will bring you here. No one goes down the left after going down to 15 km. Sign Mesudiye easily viewable text. After that continue on the road to Hayıtbükü deviation from the ground and from there Ovabükü come to the crossroads, following the sign Ovabükü Hoppalaya is reached. Happy holidays.


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