Whoops, this region's most well-known family, is one of the distinguished families. For years our valued guests with unforgettable memories in the tourism sector in the warm and friendly attitude with you to live and their families added into. Mesudiye accommodation and restaurants in the region of the family who operates hand in hand with great care on all matters to do here, why are you so nice and tasteful guests that proves that in the best way.

  Great hotel comes with experience in Tourism since 1977, and during the summer months Salih Bey Marmaris, Uludag has worked in the winter. After meeting your love Mistress Pension and Restaurant in whoops opened their own businesses in 1994. Since then, our valued guests with the same excitement of the best, most perfect and strive to provide excellent service. In 2000, their daughter was born in the water, and is currently responsible for activite jobs.

  Facility Restaurant, menus using locally grown herbs and organic agricultural products serve a much richer. Our restaurant is located by the sea and beach service is also provided B & B guests.

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